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What is Flash Gas?

Flash-gas is refrigerant in gas form produced when condensed liquid is subjected to boiling. The presence of flash-gas reduces the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle

What is Refrigerant Slip?

Liquid and vapor move at different velocities because gravity has a greater influence on the liquid portion of the flow. Liquid refrigerant decelerates after passing through the expansion valve, but the vapor continues to travel at a higer velocity into and throughout the evaporator, significantly increasing the volume of vapor over liquid in the evaporator, reducing efficiency. 

FGC Solution

Our direct contact technology uses PCM to remove the heat absorbed by the refrigerant when forced thru the TEV, condensing it back to a liquid. By the time the refrigerant makes it completely thru the PCM Chamber, the refrigerant tubing is completely filled with liquid and the increased volume delivered to the evaporator dramatically increases the heat removal from the space.


Reihl Energy Tec was formed with the goal to produce the highest quality products for the  HVAC/R industry. Founded on the back of our patented direct contact technology, our Flash Gas Condenser increases capacity in HVAC/R applications by converting flash-gas into liquid before entering evaporators. By utilizing our passive technology, the Flash Gas Condenser will provide your business or home with energy savings for years to come with an return-on-investment under 1 year in the majority of climates and applications. From your home and business HVAC to walk-in coolers and freezers, the Flash Gas Condenser is easily installed, does not require any servicing or maintenance and provides energy savings of 20%+ for as long as it is installed on your system.




Available in Low and Medium


FGC - H 
Sizing Requirements

Liquid Line Size      # of FGC's

    3/8"                             1

    1/2"                             2

    5/8"                             3

    7/8"                             5

   1-1/8"                          10



   Available in Hi Temp


(available soon)



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